Character Counts Week

Create a Fair Community

“In a community, it’s better for every person to have a little of something than for one person to have nothing.” – African proverb 


  • When there are appropriate consequences to actions, we help to create a fair community for all concerned. 
  • Why is it better for every person to have a little? Why do you think that this is not the case in many societies? Are there cases in which ‘one person has everything’ in our society today? Explain your answer.
  • History has shown that there are definitely people who want to have everything. What are the safeguards in society that keep things fair?
  • There is the opinion that the reason some people in society do not have much is because of poor choices they made in the past. Is this a fair assumption? Why or why not?
  • What is the difference between a minimum wage and a living wage?
  • Is it fair for working people to be paid a minimum wage that is not a living wage? Is it fair to employers? Explain your responses.
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