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Engaging and impactful CHARACTER COUNTS! assemblies can enhance your program. 

We’re proud to partner with Chris Norton, author of the inspirational best-selling book, The Seven Longest Yards, and star of the documentary 7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story. Chris’ incredible journey from paralysis to walking down the aisle at his wedding illustrates important lessons about resilience, responsibility, caring, and many other important character skills.

CHARACTER COUNTS! Assembly / Motivational Speaking

To accompany the movie, 7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story, CHARACTER COUNTS! provides curricular resources and assembly options to extend learning beyond the film. Chris is available to deliver his inspirational message to your school or organization. The presentation is recommended for middle school and high school-aged students.

The assembly and curricular resources provide activities to help students advance their character and SEL skills. The assembly and activities connect the Six Pillars of Character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship) to sections of the 7 Yards movie. Additionally, the assemblies focus on critical skills for goal achievement, growth mindset, communications strategies, dealing with stress, overcoming adversity, leadership, and more.

  • Virtual interactive sessions with Chris Norton
    • Up to 30 attendees, with approximate 30-40 minute Q&A session: $1,500
    • More than 30 attendees/single school site with approximate 30-40 minute Q&A session: $2,250
    • Multiple schools (up to 5 schools/district) with approximate 30-40 minute Q&A session: $3,000
  • Live/onsite interactive session with Chris Norton: Contact us for a quote
About Chris Norton

After suffering a spinal cord injury while playing college football, Chris was given a 3% chance of ever moving anything below his neck. Despite his tragic accident and facing long odds, Chris found the power to stand and ultimately walk across the stage at his college graduation and down the aisle at his wedding. Chris’ story went viral. Featured on many of the largest media outlets in the world, he has inspired over 400 million people worldwide. He continues to inspire others as a keynote speaker, author, foster and adoptive parent, and as the star of the life-changing documentary, 7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story.

At the heart of every song is a story. Children are brimming with stories and ideas. Collaborating on writing song lyrics featuring their own stories and ideas is an exciting experience. CHARACTER COUNTS! is proud to partner with Dave Kinnoin, Parents’ Choice Gold Award-winning recording artist, for Six Pillars Songwriting Workshops. In this online workshop, Dave sets up a creative environment where he guides the students in writing about their experiences with one of the Six Pillars of Character. This fun and satisfying event enables the class to sing/rap/recite the brand new lyrics they have composed as a team. Sound effects are welcome!

Before the workshop, teachers will work with their students to choose which of the Six Pillars of Character they will write about. Dave provides teachers with a pre-workshop activity checklist to ensure full class participation to start their songwriting experience. In no time, the class is writing, singing, and rapping their way to making this a better world.

Online Workshop
  • The up to 60-minute workshop is recommended for grades K-5
  • Recommended for a class size of up to 30 students
  • Choose one of the Six Pillars of Character to write about and collaborate for the workshop
  • A pre-workshop activity checklist is provided for teachers to spend a day/week prior to the workshop to cultivate students’ ideas
  • Multiple workshops can be booked at a discounted rate to include multiple classrooms, event dates, or Pillars
Songwriting Workshop Details
  • Up to 30 students, 40-60 minutes to be determined in advance with the teacher: $400
  • More than one session per day at a single school: $350/session for two sessions; $300/session for three sessions
  • For a customized schedule of workshops spanning multiple dates, please contact us at customerservice@charactercounts.org
About Dave Kinnoin

Dave Kinnoin has written hundreds of songs for the Muppets, Disney, DreamWorks Animation, Sesame Workshop, and many others. He has won dozens of awards for his 15 recordings. He wrote and sang the songs for the CHARACTER COUNTS! Strikes a Chord album, the CHARACTER COUNTS! jingles, and the CHARACTER COUNTS! Week theme song.


For more information about assemblies, please contact us at customerservice@charactercounts.org or 515-271-4840.