Professional Development Workshops

In addition to the 3-day certificated training, CC! offers in-service, professional development workshops on a wide range of issues. Check out our new workshops that cover handling behaviors of at-risk students or resilience…to name a couple!  We’ll work with you to customize the topics covered within your allotted time. Workshops are available in half-day and full-day formats, including in Spanish select Spanish trainings.  Email us or call 310-846-4800 or submit a training request!


Fostering caring and empathy for others with the goal of developing a safer school climate for learning. Now available in Spanish!

CC! Classroom Management

Bring good character to the classroom while weaving it into your standards-aligned curriculum. Now available in Spanish!

Digital Citizenship

Designed to help educate young adults on responsible online behavior to avoid cyberbullying.

CC! Introduction

A great way to introduce the CHARACTER COUNTS!® program to a large group of staff. Now available in Spanish!

Common Core & CC!

Get the benefits of integrating CHARACTER COUNTS!® while still meeting required state standards.


Athletes and coaches learn the importance of character in sports as “ground rules” for winning.

Parental Involvement

Integrate CHARACTER COUNTS!® beyond the classroom. Now available in Spanish!

Prices start at $3,500 for up to 40 participants. A conference call will be scheduled with you to discuss your desired goals/needs to tailor your upcoming workshop accordingly.