Core Curricular Resources

We have a variety of character education teaching tools and curricular resources in our online store.

Schools and programs have used a variety of our core curricular resources and supplemental resources to meet their needs and goals. Educators use these resources to integrate values and skill-building strategies into their lesson plans seamlessly.

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Build your CHARACTER COUNTS! implementation plans around one of these core curricular resources or a combination of resources to maximize your character development impact.

Way To Go JournalWay To Go Journals

The Way To Go Journal engages students in personal reflection activities, small group discussions, or whole group conversations about character and leadership. Each page is full of images to visually engage your learners and includes inspiring character quotes and thought-provoking questions. You may give students a choice to answer any prompt on a page or use one question as a journal reflection and the others as a discussion topic. The multiple uses make this a must-have for any school committed to infusing social and emotional learning into the curriculum. View in the store, it is available in print or digital.

  • Designed for Grades 3-12
  • Student Resource
  • Recommend one journal per student
Today Counts

Today CountsAre you looking for a way to engage students in an interesting conversation about values, mindsets, and beliefs? The Today Counts flipbook offers quotes with discussion prompts to supplement each quote. Teachers may have students reflect on questions individually, as a think-pair-share, or as a small or whole group discussion. The powerful prompts get students thinking and conversing in a unique way and allow them to interact and embrace multiple perspectives. If you want to create exciting, engaging, and meaningful discussions in your classroom with zero prep time, this is the resource for you. View in the store.

  • Designed for Grades K-12
  • Teacher’s resource
  • Recommend one book per teacher/counselor
Good Ideas BookGood Ideas -- Lessons and activities

The Good Ideas book is full of engaging lessons and activities designed to infuse character development into your classroom. The variety of lessons allows teachers to customize and select instruction based on the learning needs of their classroom. Each lesson can be done as a stand-alone activity, in conjunction with other lessons, or as a supplement to your already established character education program. View in the store, it is available in print or digital. Versions are also available in Spanish.

  • Designed for Grades K-12
  • Teacher’s resource
  • Recommend one book per teacher/counselor
CHARACTER COUNTS! App Character Counts App

Enhance your character teaching with built-in engaging learning resources. Content is quickly accessed and provided in multiple forms, including lessons, stories, video clips, inspirational challenges, quotes, and more! The mobile and web-based applications are comprehensive and dynamic, yet simple and easy to use. Content is provided in multiple forms to help match your teaching style. Visit the App website to learn more.

  • Designed for Grades K-12
  • Recommend one app license per teacher/counselor
The ESSENTIALS The Essentials

The ESSENTIALS is a research-based character development and leadership enhancement program designed for educators working with middle and high-school-aged youth. The ten focus areas in The ESSENTIALS series represent critical competencies for developing character and culture skills needed for success in school, extra-curricular activities, work, and beyond. Modules are aligned with the Six Pillars of Character and the core CASEL Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies of self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. View in the store.

  • Designed for Grades 6-12
  • Teacher’s resource with student guides
Early Childhood Kit Early Childhood

CHARACTER COUNTS! Early Childhood Kits include Six Pillar lesson plans for the early learning classroom. Designed for students pre-k to 2nd grade, these lessons are easy to integrate into your curriculum and offer students an opportunity to practice the Six Pillars of Character. A Choices Count CD (or digital music files) and Six Pillar posters are included as additional resources for your classroom. The kit also includes family pages to coincide with each classroom lesson to help support character development in the home with the families you serve. Lessons and Family Guides (30-pack) are available in English and Spanish. View in the store.

  • Designed for Grades PreK-2
  • Recommend one kit per PreK-2 classroom
Student Planners
2024-25 CC! Planners

The CHARACTER COUNTS! student planners offer character lessons and challenges for each of the Six Pillars of Character to create a positive school environment. They also feature ample writing space, colorful designs, study tips, planning helpers, and more. Three planner versions are available: Primary (Grades K-2), Elementary (Grades 3-5), and Middle/High School (Grades 6-12). View in the store.

  • Designed for Grades K-12
  • Recommend one planner per student


Supplemental Curricular Resources

Use these resources as a supplement to our core curricular resources or fully implement these resources on their own to fulfill your character development needs

7 Yards Film and CHARACTER COUNTS! Lessons 7 Yards

Chris Norton’s incredible journey from paralysis to walking down the aisle at his wedding illustrates important lessons about resilience, responsibility, caring, and many other important character skills. These valuable lessons are enhanced by a new series of curricular resources for middle school and high school students which supplement the film. The research-based strategies provided in each lesson will help students advance their character skills. The six lessons connect the Six Pillars of Character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship) to sections of the 7 Yards movie. Additionally, the lessons cover topics like goal achievement, growth mindset, communications strategies, and overcoming adversity. Each of the six student handouts also includes an Optimal Performance Assessment so students can reflect on how well they are demonstrating character skills and what they could do differently in the future. This resource includes a facilitator guide and a student handout for each of the Six Pillars. View in the store.

  • Designed for Grades 6-12
  • Teacher’s resource with student guides
More Good Ideas More Good Ideas

These digital addendums to the Good Ideas book will provide you with additional good ideas on how to infuse lesson plans and activities into your classroom. This digital resource is available in Primary (K-5) and Secondary (6-12) editions.

  • Designed for Grades K-12
  • Teacher’s resource
  • Recommend one e-book per teacher/counselor


Moral Kombat Series Moral Kombat

Using the Six Pillars of Character, the Moral Kombat book digital series meets the specific needs of helping at-risk teens overcome decision-making, substance abuse, truancy, parenting, life skills, and criminal behavior. Each book in the nine-book series focuses on a specific topic. Books can be utilized as an entire series, or on a stand-alone basis. Facilitator guides and student workbooks are available for all nine titles. View in the store.

  • Designed for Grades 6-12
  • Teacher’s resource with student manuals
Resilience and Inclusion Lessons More Good Ideas

Though the pandemic has presented many unique challenges, it is not the only obstacle that our students will face. Students need resilience strategies to address personal adversity (like injuries and mistakes) and societal challenges (like lack of equity and inclusion). Each lesson in this series includes research-based resources that students can apply to all aspects of their lives. This series is designed for middle and high-school-aged youth.

This resource features four lessons:

  • Stress Management and Mental Health
  • Overcoming Obstacles with a Growth Mindset
  • Creating an Inclusive Culture
  • Taking Ownership of Your Actions, Decisions, and Mistakes

View in the store.

  • Designed for Grades 6-12
  • Teacher’s resource with student guides