McEwen High School, McEwen, TN

How to teach character with T.E.A.M.

Here’s how to use T.E.A.M. in your character education initiatives.

Teach children that their character counts
We must teach our children about the Six Pillars of Character, what each Pillar means, and what it looks like and does not look like in action.

 the Six Pillars of Character

Reward good behavior (usually praise is enough) and discourage bad behavior by imposing fair and consistent consequences.

Advocate character

Continually encourage children to live up to the Six Pillars of Character by explaining and showing why demonstrating the Pillars matters.

Model good behavior

Everything you say and do (or neglect to do) sends a message about your values. Be sure that these messages reinforce your lessons about doing the right thing, even when it is difficult. When you slip, be accountable; apologize sincerely and do better!

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