CHARACTER COUNTS! Week is the biggest celebration of character in the world.
October 21st-27th 2018

Celebrate with us all this week, from October 21st through the 27th!

This is the 25th consecutive year we have had a proclamation from the U.S. President and a resolution from the U.S. Senate for CC! Week.

Every year, the U.S. President, U.S. Senate, state governors, and officials around the world proclaim the third week in October CHARACTER COUNTS! Week. (See the official endorsements.) And every year millions of kids in dozens of countries participate. No matter what your political or religious affiliation, this event is about the universal values we share.

Are you celebrating CHARACTER COUNTS! Week?

Get inspired by visiting our Character Showcase page and then tell us how you celebrated CHARACTER COUNTS! Week and send us a photo along with some details about your photo. See the form below to submit your photos or posted video links for inclusion within our Character Showcase page.

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