CHARACTER COUNTS! | Program Overview
The nation's most popular and effective character education and student development program. Resources for teachers, coaches, parents, and youth group leaders. Improve school climate with curricular materials, training, teacher support, lesson plans, writing assignments.
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Program Overview

A comprehensive Student Development Workshop (SDW) tailored to your specific needs.

CHARACTER COUNTS! 5.0 is not a one-size-fits-all program nor a scope & sequence curriculum. Instead, our strategy focuses on the root of change – mindset & behavior modification. Our framework called The Fours Wheels of Success (which includes The Six Pillars of Character and School Climate Improvement) provides a common language and expectations that helps develop Academic, Social, Emotional skills and Character traits.

Properly implemented, CHARACTER COUNTS! becomes infused seamlessly into the DNA of your school or organizational climate. Implementation can occur at your own pace and can range in complexity based upon your needs and goals. Give us a call to discuss your needs at 800-711-2670 or submit a request.

Training Costs

Because CHARACTER COUNTS! 5.0 can be implemented in many ways, there are several options. Below are cost guidelines for various training solutions. For an exact quote, please call us at 800-711-2670 or submit a quote request.

  1. Student Development Workshop (SDW) – An intensive 3-day training program. Participants who complete the training will receive a certificate as a CHARACTER COUNTS! Champion. Costs are $795 per person. Enrollment includes pre and post student behavior survey. Special group pricing and benefits available. See upcoming scheduled events.
  2. On-Site Student Development Workshop – $19,500 for up to 35 participants – 3-day training including pre-and post- School Climate and Student Behavior Surveys for Parents, Teachers and Students and about $2700 in support and awareness materials)
  3. Customized On-Site Professional Development Workshops – $3,500 (plus travel expenses) for 3-6 hour onsite workshop for up to 50 participants. See list of workshops. Sportsmanship

Program Results

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