This is a 3-part series on specific strategies to integrate CHARACTER COUNTS! in a high school classroom. There is often a misunderstanding that CHARACTER COUNTS! is only an elementary program. That is not true. CHARACTER COUNTS! addresses the desired traits and skills in the academic and SEL domains in addition to the Six Pillars of Character.

This is the 3rd lesson in the series on Integrating Character in a High School Class. Included in the lesson are practical strategies to intentionally and explicitly teach desired skills and traits to high school students.

  1. Why is it hard for high school staff to think that CHARACTER COUNTS! applies after elementary school?
  2. What 21st-century skills do you think as a high school teacher, you should integrate into your academic curriculum? Why are these important for high school students?
  3. What are existing strategies your school is using to intentionally instill desired character traits?
  4. How do we train students to have not just knowledge, but to make the world a better place? How do we, through our teaching philosophy, instill in them virtuous character to speak and act on behalf of good?
  5. High school students love to be challenged on who they are and what they stand for. Why is it important to ask them moral questions that have no easy answers, and design activities to have them hash through what is right and wrong? In what way is the Way To Go Journal a tool to help you as a teacher in providing a lesson with higher-level questions? How are you using the Way To Go lessons? 
  6. In what ways do you incorporate character education into your classroom and school? Do you believe character education is important to include? After listening to these short videos, what can you do now when teaching high school students to teach character and academics at the same time?

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