When properly implemented, CHARACTER COUNTS! is an immersive program connecting staff and students through a shared language and framework of values called The Six Pillars of Character. It fosters a positive environment that has been shown to improve overall attendance and test scores while reducing negative incidents such as bullying and discipline referrals.

Strong values and life skills learning are critical to the development of teens into productive citizens and adults. The CHARACTER COUNTS! program implemented at St. Genevieve High School proves it’s never too late to adopt character education to create a school climate that fosters learning and decision-making skills.

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CHARACTER COUNTS! trainer Dr. Gary Smit talks about the importance of character education as it relates to the development of invaluable life skills related to the pillar of responsibility: honesty; integrity; and reliability.

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Certified trainer John Forenti talks about a memorable story from his past regarding the influence CHARACTER COUNTS! can especially on those students that have had disciplinary issues in the past.

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CHARACTER COUNTS! is not a scope and sequence program nor a curriculum. Instead, we foster positive climate change by infusing our six core ethical values into the DNA of your organization. This includes behavior, surroundings, disciplinary guidelines, positive behavior recognition, and teachable moments.

Pre-analysis & Insight

Measurement and analysis are critical to measuring growth mindset.

It’s important to begin by establishing a baseline measurement. We’ll work with you and your school(s) to perform a climate analysis report by surveying students, staff and optionally parents. Afterwards, we’ll provide recommendations for improvements including actionable steps.

Prices start at $99.

Call 800-711-2670 to get started or click here.

Preparation & buy-in

It takes teamwork in order to succeed.

Much like in sports, there is no “I” in team and one person can’t go it alone. In fact, our program implementation uses the T.E.A.M. approach for success. We recommend sending one or more members from the groups listed below to attend training:

  • Administrator
  • Counselor
  • Teachers
  • PTA or extra curricular activity member

Once you’ve identified your team, it’s important to establish milestones and expectations for what success will look like and be measured. This becomes much easier once you’ve identified through pre-analysis areas of improvement needed.

Staff training

Solutions to fit your needs even on a limited budget.

We understand that budget restraints can restrict purchasing the services you need or want. We’ll work with you to provide a solution to fit within your budget. If you can’t afford to send multiple staff – we encourage sending at least one member to an upcoming Character Development Seminar (CDS) nearest you.

Prices start at $825.

For those schools or districts able to do so, we highly recommend our on-site training solutions. Train up to 40 participants all at once and tailor it to fit your current needs. You may be able to even defray your costs by inviting area-wide schools to attend.

Prices start at $2500.

Price excl. additional trainer travel fees.

Call 800-711-2670 to schedule.

Awareness & teaching materials

Consistency in what students see, feel and hear fosters the learning experience and climate.

Schools and teachers that approach the CHARACTER COUNTS! program by merely purchasing Six Pillar materials or downloading our free lesson plans rarely realize the true potential of what makes our program successful. CHARACTER COUNTS! is most effective when it becomes part of the DNA and culture of your school. This level of commitment requires a behavioral mindset shift by staff and students to infuse The Six Pillars of Character into their own values and the classroom. This is why we strongly encourage training of a minimum of 4 individuals to jump-start your program.

Training Options

Support resources

We’re here to help support your program efforts before, during and after implementation begins.

CHARACTER COUNTS! provides the flexibility to implement at your own pace.Your trainer is also available to you to offer encouragement, suggestions and feedback on your progress and answer questions. In addition, our “best practice” recommendations included in your Graduate Resources help you through the implementation process.

Post-Analysis & Refinement

Reaping the rewards of your efforts through post-analysis.

Many changes will be visually apparent upon implementing CHARACTER COUNTS! but some items truly require comparative data. Periodically (at least annually) you should review your programs’ performance and goals. Reports on items such as test scores, attendance and discipline reports are a great place to start as well as potentially a follow-up survey.


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