Character education lessons, activities, and resources
Respect is so important for kids to learn and display. Modeling this in your home is a wonderful way to show kids what it looks and sounds like. Sometimes it can help to have an image that stands for an idealistic trait or expectation. So, sit down with your children and find images online or around you that shows respect. Then create a scrapbook of respect that visually captures the term respect.

10 Suggestions to include in your scrapbook of respect

  1. Look for gold or yellow items to add that stand for the Golden Rule
  2. Illustrate the word Respect in graffitied or bubble art
  3. Author an acrostic poem about RESPECT
  4. Listen to songs about RESPECT and add the lyrics to the scrapbook
  5. Share pictures of people in your life who model respect
  6. Gather pictures online of people who are showing respect to each other
  7. Write suggestions about how to show respect in your family
  8. Read stories about respect and draw the characters in your scrapbook
  9. Create a respect award and every time someone in the family shows respect allow them to sign their name to the respect award page of the scrapbook
  10. Make a family pact about how you will show respect, and everyone sign it, then add it to the scrapbook