Have manners, save lives

Yet more proof that what we say and how we say it can have a ripple effect in the world: In the July issue of Archives of Surgery, Drs. Andrew S. Klien (MD) and Pier S. Forni (PhD) write that rude surgeons increase healthcare costs and decrease patient and co-worker well-being.

Thanking everyday heroes

Part of teaching respect is encouraging students to think about the people who work every day to keep us safe and healthy. While most kids can probably name several superheroes, in this lesson students consider the meaning of the word “hero” and where heroes might be found in real life.

Respect takes wing

In Bird Child, the beautiful newcomer by Canadian teacher Nan Forler, birdlike Eliza has a wise mom who gifts her as an infant with a lifelong skill: wings to fly. This includes not only the ability stay positive, but also the ability to see solutions to situations and choices for conflicts.

Who are the victims of bullying?

Bullying victims tend to be polar opposites of bullies. They are often shy and quiet, with few friends and little social support at school. They may be physically weak or lack confidence in their strength. Hence, they rarely stand up to bullies. Victims often have poor social skills. One study showed that students and teachers […]