Character education lessons, activities, and resources

Purpose: Provide students with an opportunity to discuss and define the Six Pillars of Character for their lives.


  • Students will define character.
  • Students will discuss the importance of living and learning with the Six Pillars Character
  • Students will create a list, write a story, or perform a skit about what it means to have good character.


  • Discussion
    • Think about what the word “character” means, and write out your best definition
    • Create a collaborative class definition of the word character
  • Whole group discussion
    • Character is an important part of how we present ourselves to others. It also comes through the things we do or choose not to do.
    • Why is it important to have good character in middle school?
  • Small group discussion
    • Grade 6: Where does character come from? Is it something you either have or don’t have?
    • Grade 7: What are good character traits? Who in your life has these traits?
    • Grade 8: Why is having good character so important?
  • Application
    • Grade 6: Write down three things you can do today to show good character and at the end of the day, complete a journal reflection about how you demonstrated these three things.
    • Grade 7: Make a list of good character traits and stick them up in your locker. When you think of another then add that to the list.
    • Grade 8: Write a brief skit or story that shows why good character is important. Perform your skits in front of the class or in small groups.


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