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Pillar: Respect

Purpose: Discuss the impact showing respect can have on others.


  • Students will discuss a proverb and its meaning
  • Students will share their thoughts about how the proverb applies to real life
  • Students will create a list of ways to show respect to others in the community

Discussion: Proverb: What Goes Around Comes Around

  • Grade 6: What does this quote meant to you? What kind of things “go around” and “come around”? Think of some situations to which this quote applies.
  • Grade 7: Share about a time when you did not pay attention or did not give respect to a situation because you thought it was not important, but later regretted it. How did this situation turn out? How can you avoid making that mistake in the future?
  • Grade 8: Most proverbs have many applications. Think of a situation in which this proverb applies to a larger institution, like a company, a school, or a country. What happened to those who were involved with the institution and how things came around?


  • If we respect other people, we can expect they will be more likely to respect us. So, discuss and brainstorm a list of ways you can show respect to people in your community.


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