Parental Role in Student Development Workshop

Character development of a child is a team effort. Parents are guided to view the values that CC! instills and evaluate their own actions and how they may be sending mixed messages about moral values to their children. By embracing these values and common language as essentials to living a good life – parents can help in making conscious efforts to exemplify and maintain a code of conduct aligned with the values of good character.

Topics can be customized but typically include:

  • Locks and keys for my child’s success
  • Decision making

Duration: 4-8 hours
Language: Available in both English and Spanish
Materials: 50 Making Ethical Decisions for Teens booklets (a $399 value)
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Parent engagement helps reinforce your CHARACTER COUNTS! program.

Choose your workshop date and topic and we’ll assign you to one of our nearby trainers who will work with you to tailor your upcoming workshop to fit your exact needs.

Call us at 310-846-4800 to get started or reserve your space!

Prices start at $2,500 for up to 50 participants. A conference call will be scheduled with you to discuss your desired goals/needs to tailor your upcoming workshop accordingly.

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