Introduction to CHARACTER COUNTS!

Making a commitment to integrate character education into its structure is very positive step in the right direction for any school or school district. This introductory workshop will use instructional strategies that can be replicated in the classroom and offers resources, tools, and practices to make character an integral part of school life. The concepts discussed will be The Six Pillars of Character™, decision making strategies that include Best Possible Results and the stakeholder’s approach, TEAM as our dynamic driving strategy, positive school or organizational climate, behavior change theory, growth mindset, research-based instructional strategies, and many fun, and hands-on learning methods and experiences.

Even if you’re already using CHARACTER COUNTS!, this training will help you develop proven strategies for overcoming your unique challenges. This workshop is also a great follow-up to a Student Development Workshop (SDW).

Topics can be customized but typically include:

  • CC! program overview
  • The Six Pillars of Character
  • Implementation strategies
  • Effectively using support materials

Duration: 4-8 hours
Language: Available in both English and Spanish
Materials: Handouts for all participants
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Build your path to improvement with CHARACTER COUNTS!

Simply choose a date for an in-service at your desired location and we’ll assign to you one of our nearby trainers who will work with you in tailoring your upcoming workshop or professional development session to fit your exact needs.

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Prices start at $3,500 for up to 40 participants. A conference call will be scheduled with you to discuss your desired goals/needs to tailor your upcoming workshop accordingly.

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