Anti-Bullying Music Video is a Hit

Two high school students in Bradenton, Florida recently came up with a great way to spread the message to “Stop the Bullying.” And they a won a contest to boot. Christian Kelly and Nakell Alvarez’ song “Teenager Survivor” won the grand prize in Maple Leaf Communications’ Teenage Survival Vids4Kidz Contest.

Bullying Led to Japanese Student’s Suicide

The tragic suicide of a 13-year-old boy in Otsu, Japan was most likely the result of systematic bullying by the boy’s classmates, and even his teachers, reports ABC News. Though the suicide occured last October, a recent anonymous survey of students at the school has revealed shocking details of physical and psychological torment. According to ABC News, “In […]

Update: NY Schools Officially Institute Anti-Bullying Act

In a victory for bullying prevention, the state of New York has instituted a new law that broadens the definition of bullying, and “requires districts to report discrimination and harrassment to the Board of Education Department,” reports The new law took effect Sunday and is called the Dignity for All Students Act. Schools across the state are currently […]