Souper heroes

Souper Bowl Food Drive, Austin, TX
Souper Bowl of Caring Food Drive, Austin, TX

February 6th was Super Sunday, but it was also Souper Sunday for some 15,000 churches and community organizations dedicated to fighting hunger in the U.S.

The mission of The Souper Bowl of Caring is to transform Super Bowl season into “the nation’s largest celebration of caring and giving.” The idea first came to Brad Smith in 1988. At the time, he was a seminary intern at Spring Valley Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina, and he envisioned local youth collecting food and donations in soup pots, and then donating the collection directly to charities of their choice.

Twenty-two churches came on board in 1990, donating $5,700 to local nonprofits. So far this year, the affiliated groups have already raised nearly $475,000 and collected 1.3 million pounds of food. 100% of donations go directly to organizations in need.

Interested in participating? Click here to get started. You can register your organization, or find participating organizations in your area by using the Interactive Map.

You can also use Feeding America’s Food Bank Locator to find your local food bank to donate or find volunteer opportunities.

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