Pursuing Victory with Honor: Helping Build Character in Students through Athletics

Have you had an outbreak of hazing incidents? Perhaps unruly parents or fans at a sporting event?

Unfortunately, you’re not alone… our survey found that 39% of high school students admitted they had “bullied, teased, or taunted someone” within the past year alone. And for males, that number is nearly half (47%). See more findings in our 2012 National Report Card surveyLearn more about our Pursuing Victory with Honor (PVWH) sportsmanship training programs.

Not all parents serve as positive role models for good sportsmanship.

Let’s face it… some parents get a little too involved in their children’s sport activities becoming more than supportive spectators. Those living vicariously through their children’s achievements can sometimes overshadow the importance of participation and competing with the impetus on winning or worse yet, winning at any cost. Our program helps establish the proper student athlete culture where winning is not the focal point over playing with honor, utilizing The Six Pillars of Character framework.

This workshop will teach physical educators, coaches, and teachers/mentors how to teach character to students through athletics. The workshop is not only intended to guide educators regarding teaching the students to become role models and learning to behave in an exemplary manner while participating in sports, but also to start a revitalization of ethical standards for how the school faculty, administrators, community members and parents also conduct themselves during school sports events.

General information:

  • Duration: 2 days (customizable topics listed below)
  • Location: In-Service (your facility or location)
  • Recommended: Coaches, Administrators, Counselors, Officials and Youth-group Leaders
  • Materials: Handouts provided for all participants

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An all-new, completely revamped version of our teacher-coach training workshop- a powerful learning experience we call Pursing Victory With Honor (PVWH) 5.0 – has recently been completed and now available for training of athletic coaches in schools, intercollegiate or youth organizations! What has remained as a primary focus is found in the title by making it very clear our philosophy that a sport’s program best achieves its positive impact when everyone plays to win. In fact, without the passionate pursuit of victory much of the enjoyment, as well as the value, of sports will be lost. Winning is important and trying to win is essential. But, while we have always known that while winning is valued and sought after by every coach, honor is even more important for a successful sport’s team. This makes the greatest value of sports its ability to enhance the character and uplift the ethics of participants and spectators.

What makes PVWH 5.0 unique is that we employ proven strategies to prepare a teacher-coach to reach today’s athletes like no previous training we’ve ever offered. The course provides engaging material, presented with various methods to appeal to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.

The distinctive nature of our content is related to the principles of change, mindset and perceptions.  We fully realize that the role of the teacher-coach includes a commitment to instilling desired beliefs that can change the culture of the team. Gaining an understanding of the importance of a growth mindset, positivity and sportsmanship will prove to be invaluable to a teacher-coach that extends beyond teaching the skills and abilities associated with the sport. For the most part, sports are predicated upon a team culture. One will find support in this course to help and guide a teacher-coach in creating a positive team environment that will be of benefit to all who are committed to the sport’s program.

The PVWH 5.0 training addresses, with practical and relevant tools and techniques, the necessary approach to implementing a program that could positively impact the success of a team. Focusing on key and lock beliefs, the training promotes and advocates intentional and explicit strategies for a teacher-coach to initiate a PVWH program. These strategies will greatly help interscholastic, intercollegiate and other youth sports programs better achieve their established missions to promote the physical, mental, social and moral development of participants.  Through PVWH 5.0, the commitment and desire is not only placed on the ethical values of the Six Pillar of Character, but also attention is also given to desired academic goals and social and emotional traits that can lead to developing or enhancing the character of our athletes.  This can be accomplished by an increased emphasis on the part of the teacher-coach to teach, enforce, advocate and model the desired character traits for student-athletes.

Pursuing Victory With Honor 5.0 will address the following as modules over the course of the two days:

  1. Introduction to Pursuing Victory With Honor
  2. What is Pursuing Victory With Honor?
  3. The Challenges Associated With Providing A Quality Sports Program
  4. Creating a Positive Culture in Sports
  5. Principles of Change, Mindsets and Perceptions
  6. Implementing PVWH As A Teacher-Coach
  7. Dimensions of Personal Development of the Student-Athlete
  8. Looking At Sports Life Through the Lens of the Six Pillars Of Character
  9. Taking Choices Seriously: Exemplary Decision Making
  10. Implementation Strategies

Our goal is for every participant to be able to return to his or her home school or organization and establish or contribute to a model PVWH structure that is meaningful, measurable and sustainable. We want to empower you to create and sustain change that deeply impacts your school and community.

Pricing starts at $5,000 plus trainer travel fees. For an accurate estimate, please complete the form under the “Contact” tab or call us toll-free at 800-711-2670.

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