The Ethics of American Youth

2010 Report Card reveals widespread lying, cheating, bullying, and other at-risk behavior in high school students

Every two years, Josephson Institute conducts a comprehensive survey of high school students from across the country. This survey, called the Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth, measures their self-reported values, attitudes, and behavior.

The 2010 Report Card, which surveyed over 40,000 students, includes reports on honesty and integrity and on bullying and at-risk behavior.

2010 Report: Honesty and integrity

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One-third of high school students said they stole from a store in the last year. Over half said they cheated on a test. More than two out of five said they sometimes lie to save money. Read the 2010 report on honesty and integrity »

2010 Report: Bullying, violence, and at-risk behavior

Half of the respondents said they bullied someone in the last year. Almost half said they were victims of bullying. Read the 2010 report on bullying, violence, and other at-risk behavior »

2009 Report: Teen cheating linked to adult dishonesty

The Institute's biennial Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth has shown widespread lying and cheating among teens. This report suggests that unethical adolescents become unethical adults.
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