It’s free to participate in our
2015 National Report Card survey.

Our National Report Card survey is a great way to measure the climate of your school and see how you compare against the National average. Upon registering, eligible schools will be provided a unique web link to submit their responses. It’s entirely free and available now. See the “Program Information” area below for further details.

Our National Report Card on students’ values, attitudes, and behavior.

Measurement and analysis is a critical aspect to understanding the growth and mindset of our youth which is why since 1998 these surveys are conducted every two years by the Josephson Institute of Ethics.

It’s a comprehensive survey consisting of more than 60 consistently asked questions which are answered by high school students across the country. This survey, called the Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth, measures their self-reported values, attitudes, and behavior.

The 2012 Report Card gathered responses from over 20,000 students across the nation. Results of which showed that most young people feel that ethics and character are important on both a personal level and in business, but yet they express very cynical attitudes about whether a person can be ethical and succeed. Moreover, an alarming number of students admitted to recently lying, cheating and stealing.

 See the complete data tables for the 2012 Report Card »

Program Information

By registering to be a part of the national report card, you will not only be provided the statistical results of your school but also how you stack up against the national average. Your report provides a summary of responses for all questions and can help you effectively develop a long-term strategy to deal with critical issues and concerns. It’s also a great and relatively inexpensive way to understand your school climate and engage PTAs and parental involvement within your school.

This year’s survey will be conducted entirely online. In addition, it will now include grades 6-8 to broaden the scope and survey the impact of issues facing children in today’s schools as well as outside the classroom. We anticipate for 2016 to include additional questions related to advances in technology like cyberbullying, video games, social media use and more.

To participate, you must provide a mechanism by which students take this survey in a controlled environment where individual decision-making can occur and where students feel safe knowing their answers are not being collected individually.

There are two methods of participation to choose from depending upon your situation and capabilities (both of which provide student anonymity).  Surveys are collected for summary analysis both per school and collectively nationwide:

  • Online Survey – For those schools with either a computer lab or a technology platform available to all students. PLEASE NOTE: This is the only method available for the 2015 survey.
  • Offline Survey – Traditional testing method allowing you to either print and distribute surveys using a provided PDF file or have us print and provide the number of surveys required. (Not available for the 2015 survey.)

You will be provided a unique survey link to be used for your particular school to be distributed either prior to the Summer break or distributed for use in August. Once all surveys from all participating schools have been collected and compiled, you will be provided a side-by-side comparison of your results versus the collective responses gathered on a grade-by-grade level.

Additionally, your school results will not be identifiably shared beyond this report unless granted permission as we respect the privacy and confidentiality of your school and the potential sensitivity that my result from this survey being made public.

The survey and the provided comparison is free however if you wish to receive additional analysis completed, please contact us at or call 800-711-2670 and ask to speak to a training services representative.

Have questions? Call us at 800-711-2670 to speak to a training services specialist.