it's important to learn how to respectfully disagree
Key Idea

Though we might not agree with everyone’s opinions, lifestyle, politics, or religion, is it important to learn how to respectfully disagree.

It’s Important to Learn How to Respectfully Disagree 

Recently it seems as though disagreeing with someone justifies exposing them to criticism, harsh language and overall disrespect. It’s important to learn how to respectfully disagree with someone who has different thoughts and opinions than us. 

Thomas Jefferson once said, “I will treat you as a gentleman, not because you are one, but because I am one.” Great quote, right? It reminds us that showing respect is about controlling our own actions, and not the beliefs, actions or reactions of others.

We don’t have to respect everyone’s opinions, lifestyle, politics or religion. However, we can still treat them respectfully. We can show a regard for others, solely based on their value as another human being.

We all share a collective responsibility in shattering this culture of incivility and disrespect. When we each commit to treat others with respect, the standard of acceptable behavior will change.

Let’s start today.