iPads to the Rescue?

IpadA recent article from Wired.com examines the potential impact of the rise in use of Apple’s iPad in classrooms across the country.

Apple sold 4.5 million iPads to schools in the U.S. last year, up from 1.5 million the year before. As iPads become more prevalent, teachers will need to figure out how to best integrate them into the curriculum and decide what content and apps to feature and when.

Among the article’s interesting findings:

  • A recent study of almost 2,500 Advanced Placement and National Project Writing teachers conducted by Pew found that 43 percent of teachers surveyed had students complete projects using iPads.
  • A PBS study found that 35% of K-12 have a tablet or e-reader in their classroom.
  • Arkansas St. University requires all incoming freshman to have an iPad.

However, while more affluent schools may be able to afford iPads, more fiscally challenged ones could be left behind, further widening the divide between the haves and have nots. To read the full article, visit here.


2 thoughts on “iPads to the Rescue?”

  1. There will always be those that have and those that have not. IN my opinion the haves should not be penalized for this anymore than the have nots so you see there is really no way to make it fair. Individual states and counties should find ways to fund their own technology if this is indeed what they feel will help their educational system.

  2. I have two Autistic grandsons and they have been able to negotiate IPhones, IPads and PC from about 14months old on. They watch appropriate entertainment and play educational games. My other two grandchildren who are not affected by Autism have also used electronics at that age. They all will be ready to sit in class and absorb all that is presented to them. I say be part of the world your born into, why stunt their growth.
    One proud Oma(grandma) who never used a computer untill she was 35.

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