Great Ways to Celebrate CHARACTER COUNTS! Week

Lauren Gentry is an elementary school counselor in Albemarie County, Virginia and here she shares some wonderful ideas for how to celebrate the upcoming National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week (Oct. 21-27, 2012) in the classroom, plus some other great suggestions for celebrating character all year long with students:

Celebrating character is something that I love to do! At the elementary school where I work the Six Pillars are the guiding principals of our school. Each month we celebrate CHARACTER COUNTS! Week.

In September we take six days to celebrate all Six Pillars. From then on, each month has a specific pillar that we celebrate. We end the year with a big Character Counts assembly. Part of our celebration involves “Color Day.” The whole school wears the color that represents the pillar we are celebrating, so in September we wear a different color each day for six days. During the other months we have Color Day on Friday.

As the School Counselor I have a very special way of showing my CHARACTER COUNTS! pride. It all started with one red wig  last year and now it has turned into a collection of wigs, hats and accessories. I absolutely love doing this! I think it really helps to bring the pillars to life. The kids are so excited to see what I am going to come up with. It really gets them talking about CHARACTER COUNTS!, and it also brings many smiles.

During our most recent CHARACTER COUNTS! Week we had some visitors in the building and I had one of them tell me that I had just brightened her day. That’s what it is all about; spreading the joy of good character, one smile at a time.

I also have a CHARACTER COUNTS! bulletin board that I am going to try and update monthly this year. Last year I kept the same thing up all year, but I really want to keep it new and exciting this year. Above you can see a picture of our current Respect bulletin board. I teach CHARACTER COUNTS! to our kindergartners and first graders at the beginning of the year. When we learned about Respect I had the students help me with a Respect Rainbow. I cut colored paper into quarters and asked each student to use his or her piece to illustrate respect. We now have a beautiful Rainbow of Respect in our hallway.

Please visit my blog at to see how we celebrate throughout the rest of the year!

– Lauren Gentry

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  1. I am a Sunday School teacher with Calvary Family Church in Malawi and have one child who learns at Blantyre Baptist Christian School and have Christian Values as well. I would like to use these materials in enhancing the values you practice.

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