Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking a Student Development Workshop and what new skills will I have?

Student Development Workshop participants:

  • receive a good base knowledge of ethics in today’s world and character education strategies to combat bullying, disrespectful behaviors, and many methods for ethical decision making.
  • receive the benefits of participating in a small group setting with an expert master trainer providing hands-on learning.
  • can weave the strategies learned into their organizational environment to promote a positive community climate and a “culture of kindness.”
  • gain a sense of empowerment for community resilience and Growth Mindset.

Who Should Attend a Community Development Workshop?

Any professional who is a part of your organization or community team is a perfect fit for this Student Development Workshop. It is ideal to identify key members as pertinent and important team member participants. Every organization will define this differently; however, having members of management and directorship present is paramount. Also, having members from all elements of your organization is also imperative, as our motto is, “CHARACTER COUNTS! ALL THE TIME, EVERYWHERE!” This is indicative that ALL players are important as CHARACTER COUNTS! team members. However, it just as important that your organization identifies those that will be hardworking, dedicated, and positive CHARACTER COUNTS! team players.

Can you customize a Student Development Workshop for my school or community?

Yes, we can customize workshops for your school or communities. Contact us at 515-271-1910 to learn more.