Exploring Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence presents many new opportunities and challenges for teachers and students. By following the Pillar of trustworthiness, we can ensure that the way we decide to use AI is honest, sincere, and based on our core set of values.

Artificial Intelligence
Grade Level: 6-12

Character Skills
  • Respect
SEL Skills
  • Self-Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
Academic Skills
  • Effective Problem-Solving


  • Be honest. Don’t deceive, cheat, or steal.
  • Have integrity. Do what you say you’ll do.
  • Keep your promises.
  • Be loyal. Stand by your values.

Regulate emotions, attitudes, and actions, and manage negative emotions and impulses.

Responsible Decision-Making

Make decisions based on rationality, ethics, and effectiveness.

Curiosity and Passion

Enthusiastic to understand more about themselves, others, and the world around them

Creative and Critical Thinking

Acquire, remember, understand, and apply knowledge.

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Students will learn about what artificial intelligence is and explore the positives and negatives of this for the future.

  • Video from BrainPOP: Artificial Intelligence (8 minutes)
  • KWL chart (one for each student)
  • T-Chart (one for the class)
  • KWL Chart
    • Prepare students to complete the KWL chart about artificial intelligence (AI). Have them work in partners to complete the “K” column (what do you know about artificial intelligence?) and the “W” column (what do you want to know about artificial intelligence?). It is okay if they do not know anything yet about artificial intelligence, since this lesson will be focused on introducing the topic.
    • Watch the BrainPOP video: Artificial Intelligence (8 minutes).
    • Have students work with their partner to write down 6-8 things they have learned in the “L” column. Give students the opportunity to share what they have learned and help clear up any misconceptions.
  • T-Chart
    • After students have had time to discuss their KWL charts, move into a whole class discussion on the positive and negative impacts that AI will have on students in the next five years.
    • Use the T-Chart to record student ideas. Aim to develop at least 5 ideas for each side.
Discussion Prompts
  • How do we show trustworthiness while using AI?
  • How is being trustworthy similar and different in the physical world versus the online world?
  • AI is everywhere, and it has many uses. What are the appropriate uses of AI in school?
  • There are a lot of temptations when it comes to AI – especially when it comes to schoolwork. How can we ensure that we are showing good character as this grows in our world?
Journal Prompts
  • What questions do you still have about AI?
  • Why will trustworthiness be important during the era of AI?
  • What do you commit to doing to use AI in a trustworthy manner?

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