Are Your Students Licensed Digital Citizens?

We recently posted an article about learning to drive and how the Six Pillars of Character can be used as guideposts along the way.

Here’s a different take on driver’s ed: the Digital Driver’s License (DDL), a systematic approach to teaching digital citizenship and cyber-safety to young people.

A recent article in The Journal, a technology education publication, describes the concept and how it was developed:

“Three years ago, with input from twenty or so K-12 educators, Park first applied the driver’s ed model to digital citizenship when he co-designed the Digital Driver’s License as part of the OTIS initiative at the University of Kentucky. The Digital Driver’s License, which was partly inspired by Mike Ribble and Gerard Bailey’s ISTE publication Digital Citizenship in Schools, is an online tool that takes students through a series of hypothetical, real-world scenarios related to digital literacy and safety. The tool has been designed to encourage independence and caution among digital learners, much the same way a driver’s ed course prepares drivers for the dangers of the road.”

In this video, DDL designer Marty Park walks educators through the process of registering for the license:

Digital Citizenship and Cyber-Safety Workshops for Schools

Mike Ribble, whose book inspired the DDL concept, is a co-designer and presenter of the CHARACTER COUNTS! Digital Citizenship and Cyber-Safety workshop.

To book this workshop for your school or organization, call 800-711-2670.