Customized On-site Comprehensive 3-Day Student Development Workshop

We recommend sending 4 or more individuals, however some schools and youth service organizations send anywhere between 1-25 persons to a 3-day open enrollment Student Development Workshop (SDW)Institutions that want to train 20 or more persons can arrange to host a customized on-site training. Special benefits include:


  • Scheduling flexibility (you choose dates)
  • Pay only for the number of participants and train up to 40 at a time
  • Program designed to achieve school’s specific objectives
  • Reducing overall expenditures generally associated with travel

In many cases, attendees can receive an hour or more of graduate credit.

Institutions that host an onsite comprehensive training also will receive, at no extra cost, a set of Six Pillar banners, posters and values “street signs” (value about $900) and pre- and post- School Climate and Student Behavior surveys for parents, teachers and students (value $1,800)


  • $19,500 for up to 35 trainees plus surveys, banners and posters – A $34,000 value!


To schedule or discuss a contracted training, please call us at 800-711-2670 or submit your request now.

Planning & preparation will provide to be time well spent.

We want to make sure you get the largest return possible on your investment. That’s why we first recommend establishing a baseline measurement. If needed, we will work with you and your school(s) to perform a climate analysis report by surveying students, staff and optionally parents along with recommendations for improvements. Try to include key stakeholders as their support will be instrumental in enacting change. We recommend sending one or more members from the groups listed below to attend training:

  • Administrator
  • Counselor
  • Teachers
  • PTA or extra curricular activity member

Once you’ve identified your team, it’s important to establish milestones and expectations for what success will look like and be measured. This becomes much easier once you’ve identified through pre-analysis areas of improvement and your desired outcome and timeline.

We’ll work with you to shape your upcoming training to fit your needs!

Most others programs are limited in their ability to tailor their program. With CHARACTER COUNTS!, we can provide not only customized training but a range of successful models for which to emulate allowing you to determine what works best for your needs.

We encourage you to call us to discuss your needs even prior to receiving funding to assist in your efforts. We’re available weekdays during normal business hours (PST) at 310-846-4800 or send us your inquiry.

We help by providing tools for use and visual reminders for display.

Once your training has completed, you’ll want to begin implementing program steps to enhance your school culture. We carry a wide variety of products within our online store that can assist… ranging from posters and banners to curriculum materials.

In addition, after your training is completed, each participant will receive personal access to our free resources as well as to the graduate resources portal.

Measurement & improvement is a continual process.

You’ll want to maintain a record of how far you’ve come and what the effects of your implementation has accomplished – not only for yourselves but to put on display within your community and to share with parents and area leaders, which will increase your program’s scope to include more schools and perhaps even local government!

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