Some say that respect is really about the Golden Rule. That does pretty much summarize how we should treat every individual with respect and judge others on their character and ability without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, political ideology, gender, age, or other physical or personal characteristics. What we do or say needs to be based on the belief that all individuals are worthy and that their well-being and dignity is important simply because they are fellow human beings.

  1. What does respect look like at our school between students and their teachers? Student to student? Teacher to colleagues and parents?

  2. Your students have heard about respect from a very young age and it is continued to be reinforced throughout their years at school. What makes it so hard for respect to be put into practice?
  3. What would we like to see more of related to respect at our school? What would we like to see less of?

  4. How is it that respect is rooted in our beliefs and demonstrated by the words and actions of all those we educate along with each adult who works in our school?

  5. How can the instilling of the Pillar of respect be an antidote to bullying or harassment behaviors on the part of our students?