This video focuses on key teaching points about the Pillars of responsibility and fairness, along with specific strategies to directly teach students these desired values that will infuse character into the life of a class.


Discussion activity for responsibility:

  1. Working in table groups, develop a list of do’s and don’ts for being a responsible student and a responsible adult.
  2. What happens when we live in accordance with these guidelines? What happens when we don’t? In what ways does irresponsible behavior affect our school?  In what ways can/do our students demonstrate personal responsibility?
  3. What can we do to TEAM (Teach – Enforce – Advocate – Model)  responsibility?

Discussion activity for fairness:

Use scenarios like those below to help students think about what the fairness pillar would look like in each situation. Be sure they consider all stakeholders.

  • A senior is suspended and denied the right to go to senior prom for a prank that destroyed school property.
  • Teacher spends more than half of her time with students that find the work difficult & ignores those who understand the material & want more.
  • A teacher changes a grade of a high school senior athlete so he/she will not be denied his/her college scholarship.
  • Student with a learning disability is given more time on a test.
  • Teacher continually praises & gives better grades to “teacher’s pets.”
  • An athlete important to the team is given a chance to re-take a test to stay eligible though that right was not given to others.


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