Maybe teaching CHARACTER COUNTS! is new to you and you are looking for guidance and support as to what you can do. Here is a video lesson that will familiarize you with what is needed to learn about CHARACTER COUNTS! and how you can create a classroom of character.

CHARACTER COUNTS! is a character development framework based on shared beliefs and consensus values concerning qualities and traits associated with good character. CHARACTER COUNTS! is the world’s most widely used school climate and character-development framework  with no ideological or political agenda other than strengthening the moral fiber of future generations by promoting consensus values. CHARACTER COUNTS! is more than character development curricula; it is a fully implemented comprehensive initiative that will create a values-based school climate in a manner that enhances academic achievement, social and emotional growth, and ethical and moral development.



  1. You are already a character educator. What does this statement mean to you? How does it apply to what you do in a classroom or in working with students?
  2. Changing one’s values is a daunting task and some educators believe it is an impossible task. But, a teacher can change a student’s behavior. How can you put this into practice? 
  3. What has been the most effective strategies to implement CHARACTER COUNTS! at your school?
  4. What can you do this year to TEAM character?
    • T – Teach
    • E – Enforce
    • A- Advocate
    • M- Model

Creating classrooms of character with 5 fundamental practices

  1. Strive to build relationships with students and model character.
  2. Create awareness of the Pillars, positive beliefs and desired behaviors. 
  3. Intentionally teach academics and character at the same time.
  4. Practice character-based discipline in managing a class by helping students make good choices.
  5. Provide school-wide opportunities to integrate CHARACTER COUNTS! that promotes a positive climate.

Common language is critical

  • Repetitive:  Use of a common language to describe and teach character substantially increases the effectiveness of character-building programs by exposing students to consistent and pervasive messages.
  • Pervasive: The core values should pervade all aspects of organizational activity and all direct contacts with students.

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