School improvement is not a singular event or the result of a fad, gimmick or even a mandated program. It comes from multiple factors that lead students to grow academically and in terms of their character. Take one good aspect to what it is we do that makes a difference in your school and add another engaging practice will result in an even greater opportunity for school improvement.


What does integration mean to you?

  1. How has CHARACTER COUNTS! been integrated with other school initiatives?
  2. What are differences in terms of student behavior, engagement of students and taking pride in our school, that are evident as a result of our school’s commitment to be intentional and direct about teaching desired character traits like the Six Pillars of Character?
  3. Why is it a challenge to having students see the desired character traits as being important for life after school?
  4. What can our school do to be more effective in the integration of CHARACTER COUNTS! with other school-wide initiatives that are being implemented for student growth and development?
  5. What resources do you need as a teacher to help in supporting student’s academic and character development?


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