Changing one’s values can be seen as a daunting task. The two overarching themes of CHARACTER COUNTS! are beliefs and behaviors. CHARACTER COUNTS! instills or strengthens positive beliefs that promote desirable behaviors and modifies or replaces negative beliefs that support undesirable behaviors.

This lesson includes a 10-minute, professional growth video that allows you to reflect on connecting what matters with your classroom experience and efforts in school improvement.  What you will find in this lesson are the key points of beliefs and behaviors along with  a reflection exercise that can be completed at the end of the video.


  • What does it mean for our students to be good citizens?
  • What are the various communities that our students are part of and how can they be active participants in each?
  • What would be the benefit to our school environment if our students demonstrated by their actions that they were good citizens?
  • What are we doing as a school to allow students to do their share and be a contributor to a positive school climate?
  • Consider a schoolwide project which provides an excellent opportunity to put the pillar of citizenship into action.


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