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When the warm, lazy days of summer are over  it is time to get back to an actual bedtime. Transitioning from a summer schedule to a school routine can be challenging. Getting back into a normal sleep pattern is often the most difficult.  However, it is also so important for learning. Research says that sleep deprivation can impair cognitive function, slower processing speeds, and a lack of focus. These are all things that will cause difficulty especially in a school setting. Here are some tips you can use to help families respect their bodies and brains by getting proper rest.

  • Set a nightly routine with strict timings based on your child’s age
    • Dinner around the same time
    • Bath/shower/ hygiene schedule
    • Quiet time with a bedtime book reading
    • Lights out
  • Winding down
    • When the sun goes down only use lamp light and avoid the blue light from screens
    • Limit snacking to an hour before sleep
    • 30 minutes before bedtime remove all screens
  • Falling Asleep
    • Lower the temperature in the bedroom a few degrees
    • If your child really struggles to sleep a gel icepack for a few minutes on the back of his or her head can help lower the body temperature a few degrees, which can trigger sleep
    • Make the room as dark as possible as light can trigger insomnia
    • Play soft calming music
    • Use a soft relaxing scent in the room
    • Practice deep breathing or a meditation app
  • Waking up
    • Set an alarm across the room so you must get out of bed to shut it off
    • Stretch or do a 5-minute yoga routine to get the blood flowing to all the muscles with renewed energy.
    • Utilize a meditation app to get your day started




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