Volunteering is a fantastic way to teach responsibility to your children.

It is hard to be a tween / teenager today. There are a lot of pressures and negativity that adolescents must manage. The amount of stress students face today can negatively impact their health and their attitude. Thus, as parents it is important to act as positivity guides and help them to battle the noise of the world with some healthy methods. Positivity has a lot of power and can fuel healthy bodies. Research shows that it does not take a complete change in the situation to affect the body. So, here are some healthy suggestions to provide a dose of healthy, healing and positive properties to your child’s life.

Kids need to get outside every day and absorb vitamin D from the sun. Even in the winter months this is important in growth and development, and in helping to improve cognitive function and attitudes.

Laughter is healthy! It has been medically proven to lower blood pressure, strengthen immune systems, and helps you cope with stressful situations. So, tell each other jokes, watch a comedy, or reminisce with family and friends.

Taking a deep breath does more than fill your lungs with oxygen. It also stimulates thinking, relaxes the body, energizes the mind, and calms the spirit.