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Pillar: Fairness

Purpose: Discuss class expectations of fairness. Then create a play about holding themselves and one another accountable to ensure the classroom is one of fairness and equal opportunities.


  • Students will discuss the expectations of the classroom.
  • Students will suggest ideas for the expectations of the classroom to ensure fairness and equal opportunities.
  • Students will create a social contract of ways to show fairness in the classroom.


  • Whole Group Discussion:
    • What are some ways we can treat each other fairly and respectfully in our classroom?


  • Have students work in small groups to create a poster with four quadrants and put their ideas to the following questions (1 per quadrant)
    • How should the teacher treat you?
    • How should we treat each other?
    • How should we treat the teacher?
    • How do we hold each other accountable?
  • Have students do a gallery walk by displaying their posters around the room and inviting students to read and add ideas to each poster.
  • Ask students to choose the suggestions that are most fair.
  • As a class decide on the most fair and consistent expectations to create a class fairness contract and sign their names to agree to uphold the social contract of fairness.
    • How will the teacher treat us?
    • How will we treat each other?
    • How will we treat the teacher?
    • How will we hold each other accountable?


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