Certificated Student Development Workshops (SDW) – Training Packages

The most critical component of an effective CHARACTER COUNTS! (CC!) student development initiative is our certificated comprehensive 3-day training. Persons completing this course will be certified as CHARACTER COUNTS! Champions, authorized to conduct internal in-service training and administer school or organization-wide CC! implementations.

Who Should Attend: Certificated SDW trainings are designed to provide teachers, school administrators, counselors, police resource officers and others involved with youth with the tools to establish a positive school climate and instill critical academic, social and emotional skills, as well as core character traits.

Open-Enrollment and Contracted SDW’s: CHARACTER COUNTS! offers scheduled open-enrollment courses as well as closed on-site courses contracted by institutions.

Individual and Group Enrollments: Though individuals are encouraged to enroll and schools and other youth-serving institutions may enroll one or two persons, we recommend schools send teams of at least three persons and provides significant enrollment discounts for three or more persons from each school (see below). Experience has demonstrated that effectiveness and sustainability are dramatically increased when at least five persons per school have received certification.

Schools or other institutions desiring to train 15 or more persons are encouraged to contact CC! and explore the option of a contracted on-site training.

CHARACTER COUNTS! Schools: Individual schools or school districts seeking designation as a certified CHARACTER COUNTS! school or district must enroll at least 10% of teachers and counselors within the first 12 months of implementation. (See requirements for certification as a CC! school or district here).

Included Materials and Services: In order to facilitate rapid school and district-wide implementations and enhance effectiveness and sustainability, CC! provides each school-based participant with a package of materials and services. These resources are included in the cost of tuition. Additional services and materials are provided to schools enrolling at least 3 persons.



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