Certificated Student Development Workshops (SDW) – Training Packages

The most critical component of an effective CHARACTER COUNTS!® student development initiative is our certificated comprehensive three-day workshop in our small group setting with a expert master trainer providing hands-on learning. Participants completing this course will be certified as CHARACTER COUNTS!® Champions, authorized to conduct internal in-service training and administer school or organization-wide CHARACTER COUNTS!® implementations.

Who Should Attend: Certificated Student Development Workshops are designed to provide teachers, school administrators, counselors, police resource officers, afterschool programs, juvenile facilities, mental health organizations, businesses, colleges or universities, and other youth and people serving organizations the tools to establish a positive school climate and instill critical academic, social and emotional skills, as well as core character traits.
While we’ve changed the lives of millions of students, CHARACTER COUNTS!® is also ideal for community leaders, agencies and organizations dedicated to improving society and/or improving ethical decision making from within.
Our values-based system provides measurable improvement in behavior and decision-making and focuses on the key principles of The Six Pillars of Character.™ Through proper implementation, our program helps instill ethical leadership amongst staff, community members and leadership.

Participants will learn techniques for integrating values into their existing lives and organizations. We’ve served organizations ranging from city departments to the U.S. Olympic athletes!

Contracted SDW’s, One-Day Introduction/Professional Development Workshops/Cluster Workshops: CHARACTER COUNTS!® offers scheduled trainings that are closed on-site courses contracted by schools, school systems, organizations and institutions, and clusters as mentioned below.

CHARACTER COUNTS!© Schools: Individual schools or school districts seeking designation as a certified CHARACTER COUNTS!® school or district must enroll at least 10% of teachers and counselors within the first 12 months of implementation.

Included Materials and Services: In order to facilitate rapid school and district-wide implementations and enhance effectiveness and sustainability, CHARACTER COUNTS!® provides each participant of our three-day Student Development Workshop with our premier pre-package of support, curricular and awareness materials which include: CHARACTER COUNTS!® Wallet Card, Brochure, Good Ideas Handbook, School Specialty Student Agenda, “Way to Go” and our Model Standards and Matrix.


Included Materials and Services: In order to facilitate rapid school and district-wide implementations and enhance effectiveness and sustainability, CC! provides each school-based participant with a package of materials and services. These resources are included in the cost of tuition. Additional services and materials are provided to schools enrolling at least 3 persons.

Because CHARACTER COUNTS!® 5.0 can be implemented in many ways, there are several options. Below are cost guidelines for various training solutions. For an exact quote, please call us at 310-846-4800, submit a quote request or Contact Our Customized In-Service Solutions Team.

  1. Student Development Workshop (SDW) – This workshop involves an intensive three-day training program. Participants who complete the training will receive a certificate as a CHARACTER COUNTS!® Champion. Standard fee for the three-day workshop is $9,900.00 excluding additional expenses. Up to 40 participants may attend. Enrollment includes school climate/pre- and post-student behavior survey. Also includes our premier pre-package of support, curricular and awareness materials.
  2. Customized On-Site, One-Day CHARACTER COUNTS!® Introduction or Professional Development Workshops – We also offer an extremely attractive $3,500 package (plus expenses) for a 3-6-hour onsite workshop for up to 40 participants. You may find that a customized in-service for a CHARACTER COUNTS!® Introduction or a chosen topic from our professional development topics will provide both a better value and can be tailored to meet your school’s or organization’s specific needs. One of our Master Trainers will work with your school or organization prior to the training date to customize an upcoming event. We have a variety of options.
  3. Cluster Workshops for School Districts, Counties, Municipalities, States, or Countries – To obtain the absolute best possible result for larger regions, having a coordination of services with specific designs that includes numerous trainings, discount packages on training, support, curricular and awareness materials, on-going consultative support and having the benefit of “CHARACTER COUNTS!® EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME” and truly having CHARACTER COUNTS!® infused seamlessly into the DNA of your regions climate. The costs for Cluster Workshops vary depending on the size and magnitude of the vision. Please contact our Cluster Workshop Solutions Team to tailor your model.

Make the choice to choose one or more of these Workshops as a part of your school, system-wide, collegiate, university or organizational or cluster DNA today. Give us a call to discuss your needs at 310-846-4800 or submit a request!




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