Girls First — Boys Being Left Behind?

In a recent post on the University of San Diego’s blog, Edward DeRoche points out the widening academic gap between boys and girls: “Girls are reading better than boys … and the pattern is giving girls a life-long advantage. Boys are lagging behind girls on standardized reading tests in all 50 states. In Virginia and New Hampshire, middle school girls […]

Character Education in the News

CHARACTER COUNTS! was recently featured in SEEN magazine’s Fall 2012 issue. SEEN, which stands for the Southeast Education Network, is dedicated to addressing the important issues that face educators that live and work in the southeastern United States. The article, “Character Education and Bullying – Is Character More Important Than Ever?” (written by CC! editors Steve Nish and David Gawkowski), […]

Does Texting Hurt Kids’ Grammar?

Just about everyone who texts tends to at least occasionally use shorthand and a variety of abbreviations for words. But, does this shortened language of “text-speak” have a negative effect on students’ grammar skills? According to a recent study, it sure does, reports Education Week. Researchers at Penn St. University surveyed 228 6th, 7th and […]