Don’t Be Intimidated by Data

Anecdotal evidence may drive your character-development initiative, but without data to support it you may lose track of changes happening in your school. Not only does data help drive change in your programming, it can be a powerful tool for successful grant applications. All schools collect data on academics and behavior, but not all use […]

Josephson Institute Integrity Survey Results Released

Josephson Institute has released the findings of its first-ever large-scale study of the relationship between high school attitudes and behavior and later adult conduct. The survey found that high school lying and cheating are significant predictors of lying and cheating across a wide range of adult situations. Read more about the findings here.

CHARACTER COUNTS! Shows the Way in Fort Dodge

CHARACTER COUNTS! in Fort Dodge held its ninth annual Youth Character Awards Banquet last month to honor young people of good character. Each year, local educators and youth leaders nominate young people whose actions demonstrate and model an ongoing and deeply felt commitment to the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and […]

Grants Can Help in Difficult Times

Even during this recession, there are numerous funding sources available to schools. The time it takes to apply for them is well worth it. Our website lists funders by federal grants and by foundation grants. Visit our site and start writing your grant application now. We have pages of free grantwriting resources and links. Of […]

Grandparenting Helps Adolescents

Research published in February’s Journal of Family Psychology revealed that adolescents who spend more time with their grandparents have fewer social and development problems. The study of 1,500 middle- and high-school students in England and Wales showed that for adolescents in lone-parent families or stepfamilies, involvement of the closest grandparent is more strongly associated with […]

The 15 Most Inspiring Teachers in Film

With the Oscar Awards Ceremony just around the corner, you might be feeling nostalgic for movies that were actually worth seeing (just kidding). Timesonline has listed the best portrayals of educators in film history. And yes, there’s also a list of the worst teachers in film to see what not to do.

Black History Month Resources

The Times Educational Supplement (TES) on-line community has an entire section of resources teachers can use during Black History Month. Notable among them is the Black Scientist Trail that connects the achievements of black scientists throughout the years giving students a broader perspective on achievements. TES is a highly respected educational newspaper offering an international […]

Data Dilemma

Many school systems make character education as much of a goal as academics. But funding for such programming depends on data. CC! advocates the measurement of students’ character and publishes the biennial Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth.

Olympic Team Made U.S. Proud

The Summer Olympics in Beijing saw awesome displays of athleticism, and the U.S. team exhibited stellar sportsmanship, due in part (we hope) to the program developed by Josephson Institute. The USOC Olympic Ambassador Program gathered Olympic hopefuls at trainings designed to bridge the gap between the ethical ideals of the Games and the reality of […]