Right Before You Write, by Jonathan O’Brien

This irreverent guide to grantwriting will feel like a friend when you’re done. Author Jonathan O’Brien’s conversational style is easy to follow and makes readers feel they’re capable of securing funding. The aim is not to turn readers into great grantwriters (he’d be out of a job if that happened) but to make them think […]

Don’t Be Intimidated by Data

Anecdotal evidence may drive your character-development initiative, but without data to support it you may lose track of changes happening in your school. Not only does data help drive change in your programming, it can be a powerful tool for successful grant applications. All schools collect data on academics and behavior, but not all use […]

Data Dilemma

Many school systems make character education as much of a goal as academics. But funding for such programming depends on data. CC! advocates the measurement of students’ character and publishes the biennial Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth.