A student leadership activity at St. Andrews in La Paz, Bolivia


At the beginning of the year during Student Council inauguration Principal Alejandro Zegarra commended students with the special task of visually representing Characters values on school premises.

Following the principals’ challenge two projects were created by student council members, these projects receive the names of “Values count drawing contest” and “Labeling your hallways with values”.

The student council initiative was to create a drawing contest named “Values count drawing contest” which required the students to follow a process of stablishing contest rules and norms. With this done, they socialized the contest within elementary students giving them a month to hand inn their drawings. At the end of this lapse, five judges choose the drawings which best represented each value. While this happened, the student council formed a group of school parents who had knowledge of art, members of the council and teachers to help them portray the drawings on elementary walls while having fun as a community. October the 24th the drawings were officially presented to the rest of the community.

The other initiative was to create road signs for the hallways of elementary and high school buildings. These were hand drawn by members of the council. These were scanned, plastered, and hung so that all member of school acknowledge that when walking through that hallway you should be “Respectful, Caring, Justice, Trustworthy, Responsible, and have citizenship.”