Back-to-School Trivia

1. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a backpack should never weigh more than what percent of a student’s body weight: a. 5%       b. 20%c. 30%     d. 50% 2. How much did Americans spend on back-to-school shopping in August of 2007? a. $977.5 million   b. $3.6 billionc. $7.5 billion        d. $22.4 billion 3. Which […]

What Your Kids Eat Now May Affect Them Forever

With one-third of American adults estimated to be obese, dieting has become a national obsession. Although weight is partially determined by genetics, habits formed in childhood may hold the key to future health. New research is shattering the popular notion that to lose weight you must lose fat cells. Ten percent of your fat cells […]

Connecting Kids and Communities

Young people don’t develop at home, at school, or in a program. They grow up in a community. Whole- community involvement greatly increases the chance of success for a character-education program. Easier said than done. Meeting academic standards and implementing character development is asking a lot of teachers. Why should they have to involve the […]

Take a Stand!

As schools face funding crunches and federal funds are increasingly tied to standards, more people are looking elsewhere to fund events and activities. Sunkist is offering kids aged 7-12 the opportunity to raise money for their school through traditional lemonade stands. They will send free kits to applicants, but they’re limited to the first 20,000 […]

Fairness Is More Rewarding Than Money

UCLA neuroscience and human-behavior researchers have demonstrated a link between fairness and reward in the brain. “Receiving a fair offer activates the same brain circuitry as when we eat craved food, win money, or see a beautiful face,” lead author Golnaz Tabibnia explained in UCLA’s Newsroom. The experiment utilized the ultimatum game, a test in […]

Teachable Moments Aren’t Always Pretty

The recent Internet videotape of six girls beating up a 16-year-old resulted in a national outcry and call for a ban on online shock videos that “desensitize” kids to violence. But Michael Josephson, founder of Josephson Institute and CHARACTER COUNTS!, disagrees. “The fact that we’re able to see it is a good thing,” he told […]

Are You Culturally Competent to Teach Character?

It is common practice to compare and contrast students in terms of academic ability by race and ethnicity. But what about morality? Many schools are implementing character-education frameworks into their curriculum to meet “essential life skills” standards. To analyze their program’s effectiveness and to receive funding for it, they need data. Too little info can […]