Anti-Bullying Music Video is a Hit

Two high school students in Bradenton, Fla. recently came up with a great way to spread the message to “Stop the Bullying.” And they a won a contest to boot. Christian Alvarez and Nakell Kelly’s video “Teenage Survivor” won the grand prize in Maple Leaf Communications’ Teenage Survival Vids4Kids Contest. The song features some superb lyrics and a catchy beat. It’s truly worth a listen.

The students are part of a group called the SOZO Drug Free Teens, which was founded by Dwayne Parker, and is comprised of middle school and high school students in Bradenton. They spread the message of staying drug free and bully free through rap singing, dancing and drama.

“Our Mission is to have a noticeable impact in Manatee County, the state of Florida, and throughout the United states to reduce bullying, substance abuse and tobacco use by addressing risk and protective factors, especially among youth,” says Parker.

For more on CHARACTER COUNTS! anti-bullying workshops, visit here.

One thought on “Anti-Bullying Music Video is a Hit”

  1. I think this is AWESOME!!!! My oldest son has used rap as a means of letting go of anger issues and it has worked wonders!
    I plan to teach high school once I receive my degree.

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