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Here are a few ways to bring the Six Pillars to life at your school or organization. Many of these activities are popular during CHARACTER COUNTS! Week. But there’s more to CHARACTER COUNTS! than fun and games. If you’re serious about implementing a sustainable character education program, consider attending one of our Student Development Seminars (SDW) or schedule an in-service workshop. In the meantime, be sure to check out our free resources area as well as products and materials located within our online store.

Good Ideas K-12 Book
  • Schoolwide Activities

    • Word/trait of the month/week
    • Morning announcements
    • Posters
    • Pride campaigns
    • Mottos/slogans
    • Quotations of the week
    • Library exhibits and booklets
    • Codes and rules of conduct
    • Pledges
    • Theme assemblies
    • Awards and prizes
    • Contests
    • Ceremonies and rituals
    • Cafeteria “table tents” and signs
    • Recognition wall for student achievement
    • Hallway displays
    • Student/faculty task forces
    • Six Pillars of Character clubs
    • Faculty trainings/discussions
    • Parent meetings/workshops
    • Parent/faculty task forces
    • Peer counseling/mentoring
    • Cross-age tutoring/mentoring
    • School service projects
    • Community service projects
    • Charity fundraisers
    • Student-designed T-shirts
    • School murals
    • Authorized positive graffiti/tagging walls

  • Sports League Activities

    • Rules of conduct/ statements of expectations for players, parents, coaches, referees.
    • Pre- and post-season parent meetings
    • Game-related instruction
    • Prizes and awards
    • Short discussions during each practice
    • Postgame rituals

  • Classroom Activities

    • Character-building lessons integrated into regular coursework
    • Special modules added to existing courses
    • Separate courses added to curriculum
    • Special pre-semester or weekend programs
    • Personal assignments
    • Reading (see our book list)
    • Personal journal keeping
    • Essay writing
    • Coat of arms creations
    • Personal mission statements

  • Individual or Group Activities

    • Cartoon drawing
    • Original quotations
    • Picture books (for younger children)
    • Poster making
    • Song writing and performing
    • Play writing and performing
    • Video making
    • Commercial writing
    • Journalistic-style interviews
    • Speech presentations

  • Extra Curricular Activities

    • Student government
    • Service clubs
    • Sports programs
    • Cheerleader/drill teams
    • Band/choir/drama groups
    • Newspaper/yearbook programs

  • Improving School Climate Activities

    • Heavy emphasis on modeling by adults and student leaders.
    • Written rules and expectations for students, faculty, administrators and parents.
    • Training for all staff, from bus drivers to district superintendents.
    • Committees and task forces involving teachers and other staff, parents, and students.
    • Playground and recess activities
    • Rules and expectations
    • Monitoring and enforcement

  • Non-Athletic Youth Activities

    • Rules of conduct/ statements of expectations for youth, parents and adult leaders.
    • Peer and cross-age mentoring
    • Exercises on decision making based on the Six Pillars.
    • Newsletters
    • Songs
    • Assemblies and conferences
    • Contests
    • Prizes and award
    • Ceremonies
    • Displays and distribution of CHARACTER COUNTS! posters, banners and other materials.
    • Adult leader trainings
    • Youth leader trainings

Good Ideas Book Lesson Plans

Our valuable resource of 250 lesson plans help infuse character education activities into your classroom. Book is broken into age appropriate sections from K-12. Available in both printed and e-book format.

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