About Escola Ethos

Founded in 2003, Escola Ethos is located in Brazil, in the town of Goiânia in the state of Goias. We have a total of 800 students, all suported by a highly trained team. Our goals are to provided our students with the best pedagogy and the best culture for character development.

  • The impact of Character Counts in our school

We have been a member of CC! since 2013 and it has created profound changes in our school. This program has helped in entrance and practice values that we already believed in. According to one of the school’s founder, Jullyana França, the Character Counts Program allowed us to have structured procedures to allow our students to reflect on their choices. We believe in continuous CC training for our whole team and make it a big part of our culture.

Mrs. França also points out how well our students and parents adapted to this program. Our students have show enormous improvements, making better choices and reducing bad behavior. “We believe the world can be a better place and the use of Character Counts is the ideal tool to help us achieve changes in behavior.”