Using the Six Pillars of Character to make decisions

Using the Six Pillars to Make Decisions

Key Idea

Use the Six Pillars of Character to help you make the best decisions.

We all make countless decisions every day. Some of these decisions have relatively minor consequences (good or bad), while other decisions could have significant implications for us and others. Using the Six Pillars of Character to make decisions can help you make the best choices.

  • Will my words and actions be honest, sincere, and reliable? (Trustworthiness)
  • If the situation was reversed, is this how I would hope to be treated? (Respect)
  • What are the consequences of my words and actions if I make this choice? (Responsibility)
  • Is my decision fair to everyone involved in and affected by my actions? (Fairness)
  • Is my decision expressing compassion and kindness? (Caring)
  • Would I want to live in a world where everyone makes this choice? (Good Citizenship)

Your decisions may not align with every one of the Six Pillars of Character. They can come into conflict with each other. For example, there can be times when being caring may require us to not be completely honest. Imagine a time when you received a gift you didn’t like. You probably spared the gifter’s feelings instead of being honest and telling them that you didn’t like it.  In those situations, look for the choice that will produce the best possible result for everyone involved.