Positive Attitude

Tips to Have a Positive Attitude

Key Idea

Having a positive attitude is up to you.

Having a positive mindset is an important part of responsibility. Here are six easy tips to have a positive attitude – they are easy to do and you can involve your entire family.

Be Grateful

At some point during your day (perhaps at dinner) ask each member of your family to say three things that they are grateful for today. Ask them to make their answers specific to today. For example, saying “I’m grateful for my family,” isn’t specific to today. Saying, “I’m grateful that I have a dad who read with me today,” is specific.


Spend five minutes journaling about something you are thankful for from that day. Journaling about a positive experience allows us to relive the experience, which helps us build a positive mindset (while also working on writing skills).


Studies show that exercise helps our brains feel more positive


Simple meditation exercises help our brains de-clutter and focus. Apps like Headspace can help you get started with meditation.

Random Acts of Kindness

We can always do nice things for others – either in our family or community. It helps others and you’ll feel great.


Reach out to friends and family via text, phone, video chat, or even handwritten notes.