Talk to Your Kids about Character

Talk to Your Kids About Character

Key Idea

Take advantage of time with your kids to have conversations about character and making good choices.

Check out our Family’s Guide to Teaching Good Character for more tips.

Whether it is at the dinner table or in the car, you can use these questions to talk to your kids about character.


Is there harm in a little lie? 

(Here’s one way to decide. If upon learning of the lie, would the person lied to thank you for caring or feel betrayed or manipulated?)


Are there things that if everyone did it, would it be a bad thing? What if everyone used bad manners? What if no one treated others with respect.


Does everything we do make a difference? 

(What we say and what we do starts a chain reaction that affects the lives of others. Even choosing not to choose is a choice.)


Can you think of a time when you thought something wasn’t fair? Could a compromise have helped the situation?


Can you take back hurtful words? 

(Give an example of trying to put toothpaste back into the tube.)

Good Citizenship

How do you think our community or school could be better? What can you do to help?