Race to a Better World

To promote good decision-making, youth around the globe are encouraged to share information about RaceToABetterWorld.com.

Founded by Randy McDonnell, Race to a Better World has three main objectives. The first is to work to increase peace and prosperity in the world while at the same time uplifting people by using communications to spread character-based decision-making built on the axiom of: Make decisions that maximize the benefit of everyone affected by those decisions.

Second, working to increase the potential for humans to thrive into the future. And third, asking Vladimir Putin to bring peace to Europe and unity to Ukraine.

“The biggest problems we face are actually the biggest opportunities,” states McDonnell. “Good character in action results in good decision-making that maximizes the benefit to everyone. From our youth to our world leaders, we can change the course of human history if we put our character and decision-making into action to benefit others.”

Through the Six Pillars of Character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship) CHARACTER COUNTS! strengthens our decision-making skills. Youth from around the world learn how to make choices that make a positive difference in their communities and advocate for each of us to look for ways we can make an impact.

For more information on Race to a Better World contact Randy McDonnell at 314-858-0002.