NCAA Women’s Basketball Team Culture Practices

We TIP with Excellence and Integrity. Teamwork. Inclusion. Passion.

Coaches know the importance of teamwork, leadership, personal and collective responsibility, and how culture impacts the ability of the team to maximize their potential. The science and practice around the formation of character, leadership, and culture has the potential to impact intercollegiate athletics much like the physical strength field has done the last 50 years. The NCAA Women’s Basketball TIP with Excellence and Integrity Practices help coaches intentionally and consistently develop their team culture through simple but powerful exercises that engage student-athletes and provide opportunities to put research-based culture practices into action. These resources will help coaches shape a supportive, responsive, safe, and sustainable team culture, allowing student-athletes to thrive in basketball and in life.

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“After having the opportunity to listen to Jeff and Matt at the Final Four and download their resources it became clear how simple and effective their research is. They have created the ultimate practice plan for us coaches to use in creating, shaping and strengthening our team culture throughout the season as well as from year to year with changes in our rosters. The C.H.A.M.P Approach can be molded after any of the core values you want to use within your program. Thankful to them for their work and look forward to continuing to learn from Jeff and Matt.”

Mike West, Head Coach, University of Bridgeport


The CHAMP Approach
Learn how to use the CHAMP approach to enhance your coaching of values and skills like teamwork, work ethic, inclusion, and leadership by clearly establishing and communicating expectations, coaching and practicing habits, hold self and others accountable, and influencing the mindset of student-athletes.

TIP with Excellence and Integrity Toolkits Webinar: Continuums
In each of the TIP with Excellence and Integrity practices, continuums are used to help teams define what optimal performance looks like for teamwork, inclusion, and passion. Watch this live webinar recorded on Aug. 11, 2022 to learn more about using continuums with your team to define what your values look like in action.

TIP with Excellence and Integrity Toolkits: Case Study with Christian Brothers University
Listen to Christian Brothers Head Women’s Basketball Coach Jessie Carmack and student-athlete Yaya Coleman describe how use of the TIP Passion resource positively impacted the culture and performance of their team.


If you are interested in more information about the TIP with Excellence and Integrity Practices or would like to work with us directly to help you shape the culture of your team, please contact Ryan Harris at The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center partners with the Excellence with Integrity Institute to offer culture assessments, customized professional development for high school and college athletic teams and departments, and resources designed to help you achieve optimal performance.

The TIP Culture Practices have been designed for NCAA Women’s Basketball by the consortium partnership of the Excellence with Integrity Institute and The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University and made possible through a philanthropic gift from Suzie Glazer Burt who believes in the importance of women empowering women for success.