How to successfully maintain a new year's resolution
Key Idea

Success in maintaining and reaching your goals and resolutions is dependent upon which character qualities you practice and exude.

How To Successfully Maintain a New Year’s Resolution

Think back to the resolutions you committed to on January 1 and how well you have or haven’t remained committed to it. How’s your New Year’s Resolution Going? Keep reading for a few hints on how to successfully maintain a New Year’s resolution this year. 

We’re willing to bet that no matter what your New Year’s resolution was, your success in maintaining it depends on your character.

Here’s a few examples of resolutions and how they depend on your character to be successful.

Resolution: give up diet soda
Can Require: determination, self-control, moderation, positive attitude, enthusiasm, effort, or diligence

Resolution: read to your kids more often
Can Require: caring, kindness, loyalty, honesty, imagination, dependability, or adaptability

Resolution: quit being late to work, meetings, and appointments
Can Require: responsibility, dependability, diligence, determination, effort, initiative, organization, or preparedness

Let’s think broader than New Year’s resolutions. Replace the word “resolution” with the word “goal”.

What goals do you have?  What qualities do you need to display to achieve those goals?